SIMnet On Your Mobile Device

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We all have spare moments where we’d like to be a bit more productive. A SIMnet user recently told us about her experience using SIMnet on the train:

I used my LG G2 Android phone to study for the Microsoft Office Specialist Access certification exam while on the 45-minute train ride to work. I was able to access the SIMbook using the Google Chrome application for Android, provided there was an internet signal available. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use on a format much smaller compared to a tablet or desktop. I was able to log in, navigate to my class, and open the SIMbook with no problems. Once in the SIMbook, I was able to easily navigate through the Skills and Chapters. I could view the Show Mes with little difficulty as they were large enough to read the text on the screen, and the audio was crisp and clear. It was extremely beneficial being able to study on the go without having to juggle devices. I was able to just use my phone and keep on going with great ease. I would definitely recommend using the phone for accessing the SIMbook content.

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