Changes to Browser Support

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What’s New to SIMnet?

SIMnet will no longer support Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, Safari 6, or Safari 7.SIMnet requires using Chrome version 47 or newer; Firefox version 46 or newer; Internet Explorer 11 or newer; or Safari version 8.0 or newer. For the best browsing experience, SIMnet recommends using Google’s Chrome browser.

The SIMnet team will be evaluating support for Microsoft Edge browser in July, 2016.

How do I use this feature?

To get the latest version of Google Chrome go to and click the blue Download Chrome button.

To get the latest version of Firefox, go to and click the green Free Download button.

Why was this change made?

In January of 2016, Microsoft announced that they willno longer be supporting versions of Internet Explorer 9 and 10. This means that Microsoft will no longer fix security issues with the browsers. SIMnet is committed to providing its users with a secure learning environment. Since IE9 and IE10 no longer provide a secure learning environment the decision was made to discontinue support for these browsers.

Also, in order to support a consistent and reliable test taking experience using advanced features of HTML5 it’s important to be using a secure, modern browser.

When will this feature be available?

SIMnet will no longer support Internet Explorer 9 or 10 or Safari 6 or 7 starting May 2016.

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