New Feature: Project Student Learning Objective Identification

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Instructors can now view the learning objective associated with each scored step in a student’s submitted project. Each scored step will show the student learning object above the step. For example, the following project shows that each scored portion of step 4 in project 1.1 comes from learning object 1.02.

The learning objectives can be viewed from a student’s project submission by selecting the desired student and viewing their submission through the student report or by selecting the desired project and selecting the desired student.

Instructors can view how a student fared on each learning objective within a project by selecting theObjectives Reportlink to view the Student Objectives report. The report lists each Student Learning Objective in the project and scores the student on each objective.

Projects from the Skills Approach series show the Skills Approach learning objects, marked SA. Projects from the In Practice series show the In Practice learning objects, marked IP. Capstones and Integrated projects show both In Practice and Skills Approach learning objects. Capstone projects also can display MOS certification learning objects. To switch between objectives, select theSet of Objectivesdrop-down menu and select the desired learning objects to display.

Instructors may elect to turn off the SLO view by clicking theSet of Objectivesdrop-down menu and selectDo Not Display.

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