SimNet Release Notes: December 2011- January 2012


With the December 20, 2011, January 6, 2012, and January 20, 2012 releases, we fixed a handful of SimNet question bugs and a minor Gradebook display bug as detailed below.





Access 2010 & Word 2010

Question id: wd10037

Question text: Add a header to the document using the Annual building block. Do not use the Building Blocks Organizer. Add the title MediSport Clinic Business Plan to the header. When you are finished, close the Header and Footer.

Question id: ac10093

Question text: R*un this query, but hide the data for the Salary field.*Issue: Response time for these questions was unusually long – causing users to think the exam was β€œfrozen.”

The long delay in question response time was due to complex remediation text. We have simplified the remediation for these questions.


Access 2010

Question id ac10115

Question text: *Preview how this table will look when printed and then print it.*An instructor stated the alternate methods of opening Print Preview were not accepted as correct.

The following alternate methods to open Print Preview were added to the question:

1. On the Home tab, click the Views button and select Print Preview.

2. On the status bar, click the Print Previewbutton.The following alternate methods for opening the Print dialog were added:

1. Click the File tab. In the Backstage view, click the Print tab. Click the Print button.

2. Click the File tab. In the Backstage view, click the Print tab. Click the Quick Printbutton.


Access 2010

Question ID: ap10085

Question text: Use filter by selection to show only records with an Appointment Time (ApptTime field) on or after 10:30 AM.Issue: In the Sort & Filter group, clicking the Selection button displays On or After 10:30 PM instead of On or After 10:30 AM.

The Selection button drop-down list has been corrected and displays On or After 10:30 AM.


Excel 2010

Task ID: ex10_05_01

Task: Editing and Deleting Names with the Name ManagerAssessment question ID: ex10172

Question text: Delete the defined name Salary2007.

Practice question ID: ep10172

Question text: From the Name Manager, delete the defined name TOTALSALES.

Issue: Students are being marked incorrect when they select the correct item in the dialog box, click the Delete button and then click the OK button.|Fixed|1/6/2012| |Excel 2010|Assessment question ID: ex10201 Question text: In cell C2, enter a formula using COUNTIFS to count the number of rows where values in the range named Expenses have a value greater than 200 and cells in the range named Billable display β€œyes”. Issue: Typing the formula in the formula bar was resulting in an β€œincorrect”.|A text entry bug was fixed and the student will no longer be marked incorrect when entering text in the formula bar.|12/20/2011| |Excel 2010|Assessment question ID: ex10074The question says to apply the default percent format to cells D6:D21, however the background document has D5:D21 selected.|Original question text: Apply the default percent format to cells D6:D21. Updated question text: Apply the default percent format to cells D5:D21. The question text was changed match the background cell selection.|12/20/2011| |Word 2010|The print files for wd10_06_20- Creating a Table of Figures and wd10_07_10 – Cropping Graphics return a β€œFile Not Found” error.|Print files for wd10_06_20- Creating a Table of Figures and wd10_07_10 – Cropping Graphics were created and uploaded. The print files can now be downloaded.|12/20/2011| |Word 2010|Practice question ID: wp10058 Question text: *Mark the selected text for use in the index.*Issue: The text displayed in the Mark Entrydialog box is β€œtherapists” when the selected text in the background document is β€œSedona”.|The Mark Entry dialog box text was fixed to match the background document.|12/20/2011| |Gradebook|In the grade details popup, grades were displayed as (number of points earned)/1 instead of (number of points earned)/(total possible points)|fixed|12/20/2011|

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