July 1, 2014 – Release Notes

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The course manager now allows you to control when your students will be able to see visual feedback with their project solution files. Previously, when a student graded their assignment, he would receive visual feedback of the correct project. Now, when a project is assigned, in the Project Assignment Details window, simply change the Display Visual Feedback check mark or change the attempts number to the desired value.

  • The Help button in the Student Portal has been updated to provide contextual help topics. For example, if you are in the SimPath section, Help will provide information about How to Create a SimPath and more.

  • In the past there have been some issues with students either unenrolling from closed courses. This is no longer possible.

Style Gallery Incorrect Size Problem Solved

Users with high density displays, like the Apple’s Retina Display or the full 1080p displays on on Dell’s Ultrabooks, were having some issues with small portions of the SIMnet simulation. Some of the wider drop-down menus, like the Style Gallery in Excel, were being inappropriately cut off. In a related but separate issue, when users zoomed out, black bars were displaying rather than the desired content. These issues kept users from being able to correctly answer some questions.

This issue was created when Adobe Flash Player reported incorrect window sizes to the SIMnet simulation code. As of the release on the evening of July 1, the SIMnet simulation code has been updated to correctly assess window size. Users with any display resolution will now be able to see the entire Style Gallery and other similar menus. Users may need to clear their browser cache but do not need to do anything further.

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