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New Content Released in March 2014

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New Content Released in March 2014

It has been a busy spring here at Triad! Here’s what we’ve added to SIMnet during the month of March:

New SIMbook chapters

  • A Skills Approach, Access Complete
    • Chapter 8 – Exploring Advanced Queries and Macros (The Skills Access Complete chapters will be released out of order.)
  • In Practice (Nordell), Access Complete
    • Chapter 7 – Creating Advanced Forms
    • Chapter 8 – Designing and Managing Databases
    • Chapter 9 – Integrating Applications

SIMnet Tasks and Questions

Updated SIMnet lesson, exam, and SIMpath content for the followingIn Practice(Nordell) Access chapters:
  • Chapter 3 – Creating and Using Queries
    • Totals
  • Chapter 5 – Templates, Advanced Relationships, and Macros
  • Chapter 6 – Creating Advanced Queries and Reports and Using SQL


New Projects

  • Skills Approach Word – Ch 7 Skill Review 7-2
  • Skills Approach Word – Ch 7 Challenge Yourself 7-3
  • Skills Approach Word – Ch 8 Skill Review 8.1
  • Skills Approach Word – Ch 8 Challenge Yourself 8.4
  • In Practice Access – Ch 7 Independent Project 7-4
  • In Practice Access – Ch 7 Independent Project 7-3a and 7-3b

New/Improved Grading Features


  • Determine if pagination settings have been applied to a paragraph such as widow and orphan control and keeping paragraphs together.
  • Check for the existence of cross-references.
Table of Contents
  • Determine if the table of contents uses a built-in formatting style.
  • Check if the chart has specific chart elements such as a title, legend, or data labels.
  • Check if a quick layout has been applied to a chart.
  • Determine if picture has been adjusted with a color.
  • Determine if pictures have been grouped.
  • Check the alignment of pictures or picture groups.
Smart Art
  • Added checks for additional styles and color sets.
  • Revised grading for shape formatting to work regardless of the shape type.
  • Determine if the repeat header row feature has been applied to a table header.
  • Revised grading for several table features to work when there are multiple tables in a document.


  • Revised grading to ignore unnecessary outside parenthesis surrounding formulas.

Bug Fixes

  • In Practice Excel Ch 3 Independent Project 3-6 – Added feedback to identify when multiple trendlines exist for a data series.
  • In Practice Excel Ch 4 Independent Project 4-4 – PivotTables will not be graded correctly if the source data reference a table name or a cell range.
  • In Practice Excel Ch 6 Independent Project 6-5 – Corrected project instructions and revised grading related to nesting Index and Match functions and corresponding values for instructions #6 – 8.