New Feature Release: Display Student Learning Objectives

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On Thursday, April 17, we released a new feature for instructors to allow you to display the student learning objective (SLO) number when creating or editing a SIMnet exam. Currently, only SLOs for SIMnet or the A Skills Approachbooks are available. We will be adding SLOs for the In Practice and ProjectLearnbook series in the next few weeks.

To display SLOs in the exam question grid:

  1. Create a new exam or edit an existing exam.

  2. Click the Preferences tab.

  3. Click the Edit button.

  4. Expand the Objective Reference (SLO) drop-down list near the bottom of the page, and select the textbook series you are using.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click the Make Default button to add this preference to all future exams.

When you return to the edit exam questions page, the new SLO column is visible in both theAvailable QuestionsandAssigned Questionsboxes.

Click the SLO heading to sort the question list so questions with the same SLO are grouped together. This is a great way to identify questions that cover the same SLO.

You can also type an SLO number in the filter box below the SLO heading to find questions related to a specific learning objective.

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