Use the Course Manager to View Your Student’s Licenses

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Use the Course Manager to View Your Student’s Licenses

The beginning of the semester a hectic time for SIMnet instructors. This is especially true when a new version of Microsoft Office has been released. With the release of the SIMnet Microsoft Office 2016 product, there are more options for instructors and students than ever – and more opportunity for a student to end up with the wrong materials to start class.

In response, we’ve made it easier than ever to ensure that your students have access to all of the content you have assigned for a particular class. Directly in the Course Manager you can view an individual student or browse an entire class to determine of you have any students who are missing the licenses they need.

When you view the students in your class, or search an individual student, you will be able to see the student’s ID, Last Name, and First Name as before, and now, in addition, you will be able to determine if they are missing any licenses through the Missing Licenses column.

If the student is missing any licenses, they will display a link in the Missing Licenses column that says Details.

Clicking on that link will display the following information. First, you will be able to determine the Licenses that the student has purchased. Then you will be able to determine all of the books currently available to the student in the Student Library.

Finally, the Missing License Modules (based on class assignments) will display any modules that the student requires to complete all of their class assignments.

Reviewing this information at the beginning of the semester can keep your students from missing critical deadlines down the road because they cannot access advanced content or have the wrong books entirely.

You can access this information for your entire class by clicking on the Manage link in the Classes section of the Course Manager. Select the desired class and click the Actions drop-down menu. Select Edit/Assign and then the Students tab. On the left, look at the Assigned Students section and determine if any students are missing licenses. If there are no links, your students are ready to learn!

You can also search individual students. Select the Students link in the Users section. Search for the desired student and select Snapshot from the Actions menu. Click on the Licenses tab to view the student’s information.

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