Missing Cursor in 2007-2013 SIMulation – Flash Player Hardware Acceleration Bug

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A Flash Player bug has begun to cause issues for some students accessing Microsoft Office 2013, 2010, or 2007 content. When using Exams, SIMpaths, Lessons, or the Let Me Try portion of SIMbooks, the cursor may become invisible, making the content difficult or impossible to complete. This error is caused by the Hardware Acceleration setting of the Flash Player and must be turned off in that environment.

This bug is most likely to occur when users are clicking and dragging content. An example of this behavior isusing the Fill Handle to copy the contents of a cell in Excel.

To remedy the issue with, users should open their desired browser and visit theFlash Player Help Page. If Flash Player is disabled or blocked by your browser, follow the onscreen instructions to enable Flash Player. When the Flash Player is enabled, look for the Flash animation of a growing tree on that page.

Right click the image and selectSettingsfrom the menu.

Deselect theEnable hardware accelerationcheckbox and click theClosebutton. Close the browser and reopen it to complete the changes.

To read more in-depth analysis of the issues that the Flash Player Hardware Acceleration bug has caused, readherefor Firefox orherefor Chrome.

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