NEW Completion Credentials in SIMnet

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Completion Credentials are now available for all users in SIMnet. Completion credentials are badges based on completing each Let Me Try interactivity in a SIMbook. Like our newly introduced competency credentials, completion credentials are a digital certificate that students can use in their social media websites or on their resumes to demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office products.

Students can now earn the White Belt credential for completing all of the Let Me Try questions for the introductory chapters, available in the Office level books. The Purple Belt credential is available for students who complete the advanced chapters of each application. For example, students can earn a White Belt for completing Skills Approach Word 2016 Chapters 1 through 5 and a Purple Belt for completing Chapters 6 through 9. These belts are in addition to the Yellow Belts that can be earned for achieving high marks on Project assignments associated with each chapter.

Students can earn progress toward a credential by completing assignments that require a Let Me Try interactivity, including Lessons, SIMpaths, and assigned SIMbooks as well as opening a book directly in the library.

Books that have the credential blue ribbon icon can be completed for a credential.

Completing all Let Me Try interactivities in the Office level of the SIMbook unlocks the White Belt credential.

Completing all Let Me Try interactivities in the advanced chapters of the SIMbook unlocks the Purple Belt credential.

Students can complete either credential without the other.

Students earned credentials are available in the SIMbook or in the Credentialssection of the Student Profile.

Earning a new credential allows users to claim it. Claiming a credential issues the credential so that users can share it on social media, make it searchable at the site, or post it to their online resume.

After claiming the credential, students can click the 4 icons available with each credential to do the following:

  • View the credential details online with Accredible at

  • Set the credential to public or private

  • Update their credential

  • Remove their credential from Accredible

The completion credential is set to require the Let Me Try by default. For students who do not use the Let Me Try, or may require other course adaptations, can complete the Show Me or Guide Me interactivities instead. Instructors can change this setting by editing a student’s information and changing the Library Credential Requirement.

To enable Completion credentials in SIMnet, your administrator should navigate to the Optionsmenu under Settingsand select the Enable Credentials On radio button.

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