Cheat Detection In Projects

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Did you know about SIMnet’s built in fraud detection? SIMnet projects have the technology to determine when one student passes off another’s work as their own! When a student downloads a project start file, that file includes the student’s name and data within the file make it unique. If 13th century English monarch and mother to two kings Cecily Neville took the SIMnet Excel 2013 Capstone Level 1 project, her start file would look like this:

Cecily could not share her file with King Edward IV so that he could pass it off as his own.

New for Fall 2015, SIMnet can now detect if elements within a file have been copied and pasted from other files. In the past, attempting to upload another student’s file would cause an academic integrity violation. In other words, trying to pass another student’s work off as your own would be caught as cheating. Now even sharing parts of a file will be caught as cheating. Details about Copied Elements is available in the Academic Integrity Violation Report. This feature now available for Word and Excel Projects.

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