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NEW: SIMnet Logo and Student Profile View Available Friday

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SIMnet is proud to debut a new look to highlight its identity as a part of McGraw-Hill Education. This new look is available throughout SIMnet, including new sign in pages and loading screens.
New SIMnet logo on banner and tab

New Student Profile Pages

In part of the SIMnet effort to roll out digital credentials, the student profile page became more difficult for users to successfully navigate. In order to make it easier for students to view their login information, the products they’ve purchased, the courses they are enrolled in and the credentials they’ve earned, each of these sections have been given their own tab.
The Profile tab shows the student name, email, username, user ID, and Student ID. On this page students can change their password or enable a high-contrast theme to make SIMnet easier to view for some users.
Student Profile, Profile tab contents
The Products tab shows each user the products that they are currently licensed to use. They can use this section to buy additional licenses online or register with a product they’ve purchased separately.
Student Profile, Products tab contents
The Courses tab allows students to see which courses they are registered for. Depending on the campus settings users can add a course or remove themselves from a course.
Student Profile, Courses tab contents
The Credentials tab displays the credentials that students have earned. By viewing the student credit wallet, students can elect to display the credentials they have earned in various social media settings, even adding their earned credentials to their resume via LinkedIn.
Student Profile, Credentials tab contents