NEW Features: Time on Task and Create Lessons or Exams from Projects

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Time On Task Report

You can now access data on the cumulative time students have spent on task categories. This information gives instructors a simple snapshot of how much time the student has spent in SIMnet.

This information can be cumulative for all courses that a student has taken in SIMnet or it can be divided by Course and by Group within a course.

There are multiple ways to view the Time on Task data.

  • On the Left Navigation, selectStudents. Locate the desired student and, in the actions menu, selectSnapshot,Print Snapshot,Edit/AssignorStudent Report. Select theTime on Tasktab to view the report.

  • On the Left Navigation selectReports. Either select a previously createdStudent Overviewreport type from theFilter by Report Typedrop-down menu or selectCreatefrom the Left Navigation and create a new Student Overview report.

You can export this data from the Student Overview Report to Excel. View the Student Overview Report and, in theActionsdrop-down menu, selectExport Time On Task.

Note: Time spent on Projects and Resources calculates the time spent between downloading the project and uploading the completed file. This data is an accurate accounting of time spent by students who complete their project or resource in a single sitting. However it will show a large total number if the student completes their project or resource over multiple days which is less likely to accurately reflect time actually spent working on the file.

Create Lessons or Exams from Project Student Learning Objective

Instructors can now create new Lessons, Lesson Templates, Exams, Exam Templates, Practice Exams, and Practice Exam Templates directly from individual projects. Content created using this method contains all of the required skills to complete the project and only that material.

To create content from the Student Learning Objectives within a particular project, navigate to the desired project in theProjectssection on the Left Navigation. In theActionsmenu, select the desired option from the drop-down menu.

Once you have selected the desired content, you will be prompted to save the content under a unique name. After saving the content you can review the content to add or remove individual Student Learning Objectives before assigning the content to courses or individual students.

This feature is available with all projects that havestudent learning objectives identification.

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