Self Registration
Self Registering for SIMnet with a registration code or using courtesy access.

Self Registration Video Guide

SIMnet Self Registration

Self Registration Guide

The steps to register for SIMnet are similar whether you have a code or are requesting courtesy access. Once you make your selection from the
Home page, follow the prompts on screen to complete your registration.
Confirm school and username

Confirm your school website

Be sure to double-check that you are using the correct SIMnet website for your school. Select the Yes radio button to confirm you attend the school listed on screen. If the school name on this screen is not the school you attend, you are likely using the wrong website. If you aren't sure which URL is correct for your school, contact your instructor.


Select the No radio button to confirm that you do not already have a SIMnet user name. (If you have a username and password already, please log in to SIMnet and enter your registration code in the space provided on the Profile page. Continuing through the self-registration process will result in a duplicate account.) Click Next to continue.
Terms of Use

Agree to Terms of Use

Review the McGraw-Hill license agreement. Click the Check this box if you agree to the Terms of Use and have reviewed the Privacy Center check box, and click Next to proceed.

Select a campus

If necessary, expand the Campus list and select the correct campus to view the list of classes on the selected campus.

Enroll in a class

Click the name of the SIMnet class to enroll in, and click Next to continue. Your instructor may have restricted access to your course to a certain date and time. Review the Enrollment Availability column to see if your class has been restricted. If so, wait until the time noted to enroll.
Note: If you are not sure what class to select, click Next without making a selection. After you complete registration, you can log in to SIMnet and go to the profile page to select a class, or you can ask your instructor to enroll your SIMnet student account in the correct class for you.

Enter your registration code

Type your registration code in the text box. Registration codes are usually all uppercase letters, with no ones or zeros. After you have entered your code, click Next to continue.

Courtesy access

To register for courtesy access, click the check box under Waiting for financial aid? and click Next to continue. Each school may have a different duration of courtesy access. Once your Courtesy Access expires, you will be prompted to purchase or enter a valid registration code.
Enter account information

Account information

Enter your SIMnet registration information, and then click the Next button. All the information must be entered before you can complete registration. Your email is required so the system can send you your username and/or password if you forget them. The Student ID is used as a unique identifier for each student account. Some instructors require students to use their real student ID numbers, so SIMnet grade book records can be matched with other class records. If you are unsure what to use for your Student ID, check with your instructor.
Success: Remember that your instructor will see all of your personal details in the grade book and SIMnet reports. Use something appropriate and matches your school registration information.
Account confirmation


The final page confirms your registration information. If this information is correct, your registration is complete. You can throw away the registration code, as it is only good for a single registration. Click the Finish button to return to the main page where you can now enter your username and password to log in to SIMnet.