Timed Projects

How to review and complete timed project assignments

Completing Timed Projects

When you open a timed project assignment for the first time, you will be required to acknowledge that you have read the best practices guide before you can continue to the timed project. View the 👉 Best Practices section for details.

After you have acknowledged that you have read the Best Practices guide, the Timed Project Start page will display the number of given attempts, attempts you have left, the time limit, and the Start Timed Project button. When you click the Start Project button, the timer will begin to count down from the given amount of time to zero.

Completing a Timed Project

1. ⬇️ Download start file

When you first start your timed project the start file automatically downloads. You can also begin working on a timed project by clicking the Start File link to download the file you will be working with.

Warning: The amount of time it takes to download the file is included in the time it takes to complete the project.

2. ⏱️ Attempts and timer

The date and time by which the project should be completed appears at the top of the instructions page of the timed project. The timer appears below this, and counts down to zero from the given amount of time for the project.

3. ⬆️ Upload and submit file for grading

When you have finished the timed project and it is time to submit, you can upload your work for a grade by dragging your saved file onto the page, or by clicking the Upload and Submit button. This will submit your Timed Project to your instructor.

Note: Timed projects automatically submit your project for grading once the upload completes.

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