Message Center

Get messages and notifications and send messages to your instructor in SIMnet.

Note: The Message Center feature may be disabled by your school. If this happens you will not see the mail icon in the top navigation menu.

Viewing Messages

When you have a new message in SIMnet, the Message Center icon will change to notify you that there is an 📩 unread message. You will also get an email in your inbox that contains the message from your instructor.

Success: Messages received in your SIMnet Message Center will also be sent to your email address.

Warning: SIMnet Messages received in your email inbox cannot be replied to. Please click the link in your email to reply to the message directly in SIMnet.

To view the message in SIMnet, click the Message Center envelope icon at the top of the screen.

  • Click the Inbox link and select the desired message to view messages you have received.

  • Click the Drafts link to view messages you have composed but not sent.

  • Click on the Sent link to view messages you have sent.

Viewing Notifications

Instructors have the ability to send a notification which will cause a pop-up to display while you're working in SIMnet instead of just updating the new mail indicator. These notifications may be sent during or after your class to indicate a more urgent message.

Reading a Message

When selecting a message to read you can view who sent it, the date and time it was sent as well as the message. Additional options are available when reading a message

  • Click the Delete button to delete the message.

  • Click the Flag button to flag a message for followup later.

  • Click the Reply button to reply to the message.

  • Click the Forward button to forward the message.

Creating a Message

When you are in the Message Center, you can create a new message first by clicking the Compose button. You can enter classmates or instructors from your course. You will see potential matches begin to automatically fill in as you type. Enter a subject and a message and click the ✉️Send button.

Note: Some messages sent by your instructor may not allow you to reply.

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