Opening and viewing Exam results and creating Custom Lessons.

The Exam assignment view allows you to open the Exam and view Exam attempt results.

Assignment details

1. 📚Course name

The name of the course in which you are currently enrolled appears directly below the assignment title. If you are enrolled in more than one course, be sure the correct name appears to ensure you are taking the correct Lesson.

Info: You may see Personal Assignment? Yes where your course name should be listed. This means your instructor has created an assignment that is only available to you. This may have been to provide you with an extension or a replacement assignment.

Opening the Exam

2. 🔬Exam details

The Exam details section displays the following: the number of questions, the number of times you are allowed to attempt the Exam, the amount of time you are allotted per attempt, and the status of the Exam attempt that can be opened.

To open the Exam, click the Take Exam button. Once the Exam is opened, click the Start Exam button to begin the exam. The exam timer doesn't begin until you start the exam. Visit the 👉 Exploring Exams section for details on completing an exam assignment.

Once you click Take Exam you will see a new window that includes the details of your exam as set by your instructor. You will need to click the I agree that I have complied with the ingegrity policy as outlined by my school and the course syllabus check box before you can click the Start Exam button and begin your exam.

3. Previous attempts

You can view previous Exam attempts that you have already completed under the Previous Attempts section at the bottom of the page. This section displays results for each submitted Exam attempt, the date on which you completed the Exam, and the score you earned for that attempt. The link associated with each attempt number appears on the left side of this section if you wish to view the specific results of each question in the Exam.

If you have not yet taken the Exam, a message displays at the bottom of the Previous Attempts section letting you know that there are no visible scores because the assignment has not yet been submitted.

Info: If the attempt link is not clickable and/or the score is reported as N/A this means your instructor has delayed the ability for you to view the results until a later date. Often times these results will become available to view once all students and classes have completed the Exam.

Viewing Exam results

A detailed results view for each Exam attempt is available and provides an overview of your score and each question attempt.

1. 💯Your Exam score

The scores for each Exam attempt is represented as a percentage and as a fraction of the number of questions you answered correctly out of the total number of questions. This score represents the raw score earned on your Exam attempt.

Warning: The Exam score may not represent your final grade for this assignment. Your instructor may have customized the grading criteria used to determine the final grade. Please view your grade book in the 👉 Grades section for your final grade.

2. The attempt and question numbers

The Exam attempt number and the number of questions in the Exam are displayed below the score you earned on that attempt.

3. 🎨Creating Custom Lessons

To fine tune your knowledge for a particular subject, you can create a Custom Lesson based on the incorrect questions on your Exam attempt by clicking the Create Custom Lesson button. View the 👉 Create a Custom Lesson section to learn more.

Info: Your instructor may have disabled the create Custom Lesson feature and it may not be available on all Exam attempts.

4. 👓Question results

The question results section provides details on the submitted answers on a question-by-question basis. Each question result provides the question number, the question, the number of points earned per question, whether or not the question was answered correctly, and the answer that was submitted.

Info: Your instructor may have disabled the ability to see the detailed question-by-question results.

5. 🗄️Question attempt history

You can review the grade history for each question attempt by clicking the History button located to the next to the question details. The Grade History pop-up presents the question number, the attempt number, the date and time, an indication that the question was answered either correctly or incorrectly, and the submitted answer.

Info: If more than one attempt was made, this pop-up will display with the all of the information for each attempt.

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