Best Practices

Follow the SIMnet Projects Best Practices guide so you can earn the best result.

Before you begin your first project, you'll need to review the Best Practices guide. This guide will help you complete each step of your assignment successfully.

  • Always use the project instructions provided online and follow them in order.

  • Always begin a project with the Start file; do not start using a file that you created yourself.

  • Always use the correct version of the MS Office software to complete your project.

  • Always use a single space after punctuation at the end of sentences; do not use two spaces.

  • Do not open your Start File with Office Online unless it is specifically required in the instructions.

  • Do not copy and paste any part of the project unless specified in the instructions.

  • Do not switch between Windows and Mac computers while completing your project.

  • Do not include the SAMPLE SOLUTION watermark in your solution file.

✔️ Determine your version of Office

Different versions of Microsoft Office have different features, menu options, themes and styles. Microsoft Office 365/2019 projects must be completed using Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Office 2019.

Your Office Version

💯 To Complete a Project

⬇️ Step 1: Download the Project Files and follow the instructions

Download the files needed to complete your project assignment.

Method one

Download the REQUIRED project files using the links in the 1. Download section. Click the Start File link to open or save the file in which you will complete your project. Click the Resources link to download the additional files you will need to complete your project. If the Resources link does not appear, your project does not require additional resources.

Method two

To download the REQUIRED project files using the Download Wizard, click the File Download Wizard link in the 1. Download section. When the Download Wizard opens, the project start file will download automatically to the downloads folder on your computer. Click the Download Resource Bundle button for resources. If the Download Resource Bundle button does not appear, your project does not have any additional resources. In the last window of the Wizard, you may choose to download the Solution File pdf, Best Practices file or Skip downloading any files. When done, click the CLOSE button the close the Download Wizard.

Your start file will be automatically renamed to include your name. Do all your work in this file and only this file!

Open your downloaded start file. After opening your start file, view the project instructions on screen by selecting the View: Instructions button. Project instructions may differ between Office for Windows and Office for Mac. In this case you will see Windows/Mac switch in the instructions. By default, the selection matches your type of computer. Many projects don’t have instruction differences between Office for Windows and Office for Mac. In this case you will see the message “These instructions are compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.”

Use any Resources as instructed to complete the project. Follow each instruction using the instructions online. After you complete each step, click the check box next to it if you would like to track your progress. The next unfinished step in the project will be highlighted yellow. If you would like to clear all of the check marks to start again, click the Reset Progress button. The instructions may be printed or saved to a PDF by clicking on the printer/download icon. Review your previous submissions by clicking the View: Previous attempts button. Depending on what your instructor has made available to you, you can view your previous attempts to see where you lost any points to improve your score on the next submission.

⬆️ Step 2: Upload & Save the Project

Once you have finished your project file, you need to upload & save it to SIMnet.

Method One

Click and drag your file to the 2. Upload section. Release the file in the yellow area.

Method Two

Click the Upload my file button under 2. Upload section. Select your file in the File Explorer and click Open to upload it.

In the Submit Uploaded file? dialog, click No, I’m not ready, to save your file to SIMnet. If you have uploaded a file previously, this new file will replace it. Once you’ve uploaded your file, you can download it again from the SAVED FILE link in the 3. Submit section, by clicking the file name link.

📥 Step 3: Submit your Project for Grading

Once you have uploaded your project file, the Submit Uploaded File wizard will also let you grade your file immediately by clicking Yes, submit the file. If you select No, I’m not ready. in step 3, you can just click the Grade my file button to submit your project for grading. Once the project is graded a Project Results page will open. You can filter the results by Correct, Partial or Incorrect answers.

You will need to save files to your computer to complete Project assignments. Review those steps for your browser before attempting your project.

Saving Downloaded Files

Some Project assignments include .zip files to download. Review the steps for downloading and extracting .zip files for your project.

Extracting .zip Files

Canadian Users

SIMnet Projects allow users to enter dates in Canadian style. To function correctly, users must have both their browser and Microsoft Office set to use the English (Canada) language option. Canadian users may use either English (United States) or English (Canada) for their browser and Office language. However, both browser and Office must be the same to work properly.

View the Settings menu on your browser of choice. View the Language Settings. These are typically under the Advanced options. If you do not see your language option of choice selected, click Add Language and select English (Canada). Ensure that the language preference is listed first by using the three dot menu to change the order so that English (Canada) is first.

Other Non-English (US) Users

Microsoft allows for a wide range of local customization for thinigs like date styles and currency. SIMnet Project assignments are written to English (US) regional settings. Your web-browser settings and your computer's language and regional settings must match English (US). For more information about how to set your browser and operating system:

Matching your Browser and Office Regional Settings

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