View and complete Project assignments, acknowledging Best Practices guide

The Project assignment view allows you to download, upload, and submit a Project for grading.

Viewing the Best Practices Guide

When you open a project assignment for the first time, you will be required to acknowledge that you have read the best practices guide before you can continue to the project. View the 👉 Best Practices section for details.

1. 📕 Acknowledgement of Best Practices guide

Before you begin a project, you will be expected to read the Best Practices guide to improve your experience of completing a project. It will inform you of what is expected of you while completing and submitting a project for grading. For more information, you can view the 👉 Best Practices section.

2. 🖨️ Print Best Practices

If you wish to access the Best Practices guide for offline reference, the Print button will allow you to print or save to PDF.

Completing Project Assignments

Project assignments require three basic steps: 1. Downloading the required files, 2. Completing your project in Microsoft Office and uploading to SIMnet, 3. Submitting your project for grading.

1. ⬇️ Download the start file

You can begin working on a project by clicking the Start File link to download the file you will be working with.

2. ⬆️ Upload completed project file

You can save your in-progress work as well as your completed work by clicking the Upload my file button. You can also drag the file you want to upload onto the Projects page, which will automatically upload it.

Note: If you receive an error indicating your file doesn't contain your unique signature, ensure you upload the same file obtained from the Start File link in SIMnet. Using a project file from your SIMbook, instructor, or other sources will not contain the digital fingerprint required to associate the submission with your student record.

👉 View the Common Mistakes section for additional details on upload errors.

Warning: SIMnet uses digital fingerprinting technology to ensure the integrity of project submissions. Project submissions that contain fingerprints from other courses, students, schools, or projects will either be rejected upon upload or an Integrity Violation will be raised for your Instructors review.

3. 💯 Submit file for grading

After you have uploaded your completed project file, you can submit it for grading. Once you have submitted your project, SIMnet will immediately grade and submitted the result to your grade book.

Warning: You must submit your completed project file prior to the assignment due date or you will not receive a grade even if you uploaded your file. SIMnet will not submit your project automatically.

Viewing Project Instructions and Results

4. 🧩 Instructions

You can toggle between Windows and Mac instructions for a project depending on what kind of computer and operating system you are working on. The instructions are located on the lower portion of the screen, and you can document your progress by checking off the steps you have completed. The next instruction will be highlighted for you.

📓 Note: By default, the toggle will automatically match the computer type you're working from.

5. Previous attempts

After you have completed a project, you will be able to view your previous attempts for that project by switching to the previous attempts page. This page will show you how many times you have completed that particular project, the dates and times you submitted each attempt, a copy of your submitted file, and the score you earned on each attempt. For more information, you can view the 👉 Results section.

6. 💡 Best practices

While you are working on a project, you have the ability to view the Best Practices guide to ensure you are using the recommended methods of completing the project. For more information, you can view the 👉 Best Practices Projects section.

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