View your assignment results and grades.

After completing an assignment in SIMnet, you can review your assignment grades in the Gradebook section and view your assignment results in the Result Types section.


Within the Grades section, there is a Gradebook view. This view contains your current grade for each assignment. The assignment name is in the Title column. You can also view any comments your instructor has left for the assignment, the due date, and, most importantly, the Grade.

Each assignment grade contains additional details based on your assignment results. You can view each submission by clicking the > arrow at the start of each assignment to expand the view and see more. If you have tried an assignment multiple times you can view the grade for each attempt.

Note: Your instructor may choose to delay your grade results. You may not be able to see all of your grades until a certain date.

With most assignments you can view more details about your attempt. You can review your 👉 Project Results or view your 👉 Exam Results by clicking the View result link.


Each assignment contains a link to the specific results for each attempt or submission. Click any of the options in the Result Types section to see all of your attempts at that type of assignment. These results do not reflect your final grade. If you attempt an assignment ten times you will see 10 results. Your grade may only be one of these results, or an average of all of these results, depending upon how your instructor has set up your course.

Success: Assignment results are not your grades. Each assignment grade may be graded based on criteria specified by your Instructor. For example, a calculated column grade may be determined by an average of all project assignments.

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