Reviewing your project submission seeing grade, reviewing results, downloading submission file, pdf

Reviewing Your Results

1. đŸ’¯ Score

You can view the score for a project after you have uploaded and submitted it for grading. Your grade will appear as a percentage as well as a fraction to indicate how much of the project you are comfortable with and what you may still need to work on.

2. âŦ‡ī¸ Download your submitted file

For your reference, you may download the file submitted for grading.

3. ℹī¸ Project attempt information

The name of the file you submitted appears underneath your score. The file name contains your unique name signature, the project name, and the file type.

If your instructor has permitted one single project submission attempt, the attempt number will be 1. If your instructor has permitted multiple attempts for the submission of the project, this number will change depending on how many times you have submitted a file for grading.

Finally, the application that was required to complete the project will appear, to indicate whether you used the recommended program to complete the project.

4. 📋 Learning Objectives

Each part of the project instructions cover a different learning objective for that chapter within the textbook. As you complete the project, you are graded according to whether you completed the instructions associated with the objectives correctly, incorrectly, or partially.

5. 🗄ī¸ Feedback and Solution File

The solution file is a pre-created document that represents what the end file of the project should look like. This representation will point out the areas that should have been changed as well as the objectives associated with the change made to that part of the document.

When your project is graded, it is compared to this file. If it is made available to you, you can download the solution file as a PDF by clicking the Download Solution File button.

Note: This feature is only available if your instructor allows it.

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