SIMbook Navigation

SIMbook and Lesson navigation includes access to your Library, the table of contents, glossary, bookmarks, search, and print

SIMnet Lessons and SIMbooks are interactive ebooks that includes a glossary, key terms, bookmarks, highlights and notes, search, and print. Each Lesson and SIMbook also contains interactive 👉 Show Me, Guide Me, Let Me Try exercises.

1. 📚 The Library bookshelf

The Library bookshelf contains the SIMnet books associated with your license. If your school is using a textbook, there may be additional lessons organized to match the content in your textbook.

Info: The Library bookshelf option is only available when accessing the content through the 👉 Library.

2. 📑 Table of Contents

Click the Table of Contents button to display the table of contents for the current book and chapter on the left side of the screen. Click any chapter to see the specific tasks that chapter covers. Click a task title in any chapter to navigate to that task.

3. 📖 Glossary terms

The Glossary will appear on the left side of the page and contains all terms found in the current book. Click a term to display its definition as well as a link to view associated pages.

4. 🔖 Bookmark the page

You can bookmark any page in the SIMbook so you can easily return to it at another time. You can tell which pages are bookmarked because the Bookmark button will appear with a solid blue background.

5. 📗 Chapter title

The title of the current SIMbook chapter or Lesson assignment will always appear in the top header of the SIMbook.

6. 🔎 Search for content

You can easily search for content in the SIMbook by clicking the Search button, typing the word or phrase you want to search for, and pressing Enter. The results will display all of the instances of your search criteria in the book. Click any of the results to navigate to that page.

7. Accessibility options

Click the Accessibility options button to display a message box. Here, you can increase or decrease the font size as well as the line height. You can also enable or disable high contrast mode.

8. 🖨️ Print the page

Print the current page by clicking the Print button. A message box will appear reminding you to select the correct print settings in your browser.

9. 🚪 Exit the SIMbook

At any time, you can exit out of the SIMbook by clicking the Exit button.

The SIMbook Page

10. ▶️ Interactive exercises

Click the button for each exercise to launch the Show Me, Guide Me, or Let Me Try. View the 👉 Show Me, Guide Me, Let Me Try section to learn more.

11. 🔦 Highlight text

You can highlight important text in the SIMbook just like you would in a textbook with a highlighter. Simply click and drag your mouse to highlight the text and it will appear with a blue background. The highlight will be saved and every time you return to the SIMbook page, it will appear highlighted. You can click the highlighted text to delete it, convert it to a note, or convert it to a hyperlink.

12. 🗒️ Add a Note to the page

The Note button appears next to most paragraphs and images on the SIMbook page. Click the button to type a note about the content. Once you have added a note, the button becomes darker and a number appears indicating how many notes have been added. Click the button at any time to review your notes.

13. ↔️ Navigate to the next and previous pages

Easily step back to the previous page in the SIMbook by clicking the arrow button on the left side of the screen. Or, you can advance to the next page in the SIMbook by clicking the arrow button on the right side of the screen. When you roll your mouse over either button, the title of the next or previous page displays.

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