Matching your Browser and Office Regional Settings

Your regional settings for your Browser and Office installation must match to complete projects successfully
SIMnet users in different regions have different standard methods for inputting certain information like dates. SIMnet Projects are designed to be used with English (United States) or English (Canada) regional settings. It is very important that, whichever regional setting you use, your browser and your Office installation use the same setting. A number of users who have inadvertently set their browser and Office to use different regional settings have not been able to get certain steps on certain projects, especially in Excel and Access.

Setting your Operating System Language Option

Installed versions of Microsoft Office use your computers Operating System (OS) language settings. You will need to set the language for your whole computer to change your Office Installations language setting.
Click the Start menu in the lower right corner. Click on the Settings menu gear icon and select Time & Language. Select Language and ensure that the desired language is displayed, English (US) or English (CA).
Click the Apple menu. Select Language & Region. In the Preferred languages section ensure that either English (United States) or English (Canada) is set as the Primary language. The Primary language is at the top of the list. Add new languages by clicking the + button and selecting the desired language from the list. Move the new language to the top of the list by clicking and dragging.

Setting your Browser Language Option

Click the three dot menu on the right side of the URL bar. Select Settings from the menu. Click Advanced to open the sub-menu. Select Languages to navigate to the Languages section. Click the down arrow next to Language to open up the sub menu. Ensure that your language of choice is available, if not, click the Add languages link and select either English (United States) or English (Canada). Make sure that your language of choice is at the top of the list. If it is not, use the three dot menu next to your language of choice and select Move to the top.
Chrome Languages Section
Click the Menu button on the right of the URL. Select Preferences. Select the desired language from the drop-down menu. You may use the Set Alternatives menu to select additional language options.
Edge uses the same language as your operating system. Please review the language and regional settings for your operating system. We do not recommend that you change settings in Edge and your operating system separately.
Safari settings are set by the Mac regional settings. Please review the settings for your OS. We do not recommend that you set your Safari settings separately from your OS settings.