Viewing your assignments in SIMnet.

The assignments view contains all of the assignments available or that you have already submitted.

Displaying your Assignments

Info: There are a number of reasons why your assignment may not be displayed in the assignments view. For example, the assignment may not be available until a future date, or you may have already completed and submitted the assignment.

If you would like to view an assignment that you have already completed you may need to view your👉Grades section to access the results.

1. Tile View

You can view your assignments by Tiles which show each assignment as a tile. Assignments are displayed as Tiles by default. Tiles can be organized in different ways by your instructor. Assignments may be organized by when they Start, are Due or End. They may also be organized by alphabetical order or a custom order.

2. List View

You can view your assignments as a List. Each assignment will be displayed on a single line. Assignments can be organized by when they start, are due, or end. They may also be put into a different order by your instructor.

If you would prefer to visualize your assignments on calendar, switch over to the👉Calendar View.

3. Groups

Assignments can also be organized into Groups by your instructor. Groups hold a series of assignments that go together. Click on a Group to open it and view its assignments. They may be a week of class assignments or all of the assignments that belong to a single book chapter. Each group has a title and may contain a message from your instructor. Click the 🏠 House icon to return to the top group.

Filtering your Assignments

You don't have to view all of your assignments at once. You can choose which types to focus on and see only them.

4. Filter by dates

You can filter your assignments by when they should be completed by selecting the All, Overdue, Due Soon, or Submitted radio buttons. Due Soon will assignments will only display assignments that are due in the next 2-weeks.

5. Filter by type

You can also filter your assignments by their type. Select Groups, Lessons, SIMbooks, Exams, SIMpaths, Projects, or Resources to view only that assignment type. Select All to restore the view to seeing all available assignments in your course.

6. Filter by title

To view only a particular assignment, use the Search Bar to enter part of the title of your assignment.

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