Running Windows on a Mac

How and why would you run Windows on a Mac.

🪟Why do we need to run Windows on a Mac?

There are many reasons people might run Windows on a mac. Maybe you are a game enthusiast where you have a game that only runs on a PC and does not run on a mac. Because of this challenge you might want to think about installing a Windows Operating System on your mac so you do not have to go out and buy a new computer just to play your game.

Installing Windows on a Mac will allow you to use multiple operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X to test and develop different software and applications in different user environments. To use SIMnet projects on a Mac you will need to install Microsoft Windows.

In addition, you might want to use a productivity software such as Microsoft Office on your mac. Most businesses use the Microsoft version for their business. In fact, there are over a million businesses worldwide that use this version of office. Currently, the Mac version of office does not include a database to use such as Microsoft Access. If a user installs the Microsoft Office version on a Mac computer, they would not be able to use a database management system like Microsoft Access. To complete Access projects in SIMnet you will not be able to complete the projects without running Windows in one way or another.

Lastly, Macs are designed to be some of the best computers in the world in relation to the hardware that is included when they are built. Many of them are thin and light weight which allows them to be very mobile. Also, many Macs are so well designed that they can last a very long time and are durable.

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