SIMnet Navigation

The SIMnet top navigation features a calendar, assignments, library, grades, messaging, student profile, and help links.

After signing in to SIMnet you can navigate the different sections of SIMnet by using the top navigation menu.

The Top Navigation Menu

Info: All navigation items may not be available, depending on how your school and class has configured SIMnet.

1. 🗓️ Calendar

View the 👉 Calendar section to access your assignments organized on a calendar.

2. 🎒 Assignments

View the 👉 Assignments section to access all of your available assignments.

3. 📚 Library

View the 👉 Library section to access your SIMbooks. The Library SIMbooks contain additional learning material that may have not been assigned directly to your class.

Warning: Work completed in the Library section do not count toward your class assignments.

4. 💯 Grades

View the 👉 Grades section to access your assignment results and class grade book.

5. ✉️ Message Center

View the 👉Message Center section to send or receive messages from your instructor.

6. 👩‍🎓 Student Profile

View the 👉 Profile section to view or edit your personal details, course enrollments, add or purchase a registration code.

7. 🆘 Instant Help

View the 👉 Getting Support section to view the SIMnet Instant Help topics related to your view or contact the McGraw Hill support team.

8. ✖️ Sign Out

Click the Sign Out button to exit SIMnet.

9. 🏫 Current Class

If you are enrolled in multiple classes, you will need to switch from one course to another to complete work in each course. Click on the course name to access a list of your courses and switch classes.

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