SIMnet Exams

SIMnet Exams are assignments that include questions from a simulated environment that parallels the Let Me Try.

Your browser must remain zoomed to 100% when completing Exam questions. Zooming in or out may cause some questions to be unanswerable. For tips on making SIMnet easier to view, see the 👉 Student Accessibility Guide

The SIMnet Exam interface

1. 📋Exam Title and instructions

While you are taking your exam, the title of the exam will always display at the top of the screen. Just below, you will find the instructions for each question, and important words will be in bold. You will be able to interact with the exam and follow the instructions in the lower portion of the screen.

2. Exit Exam

You can exit an exam and view your results by using the Exit Exam button located in the upper right corner of the screen while taking an exam. Click the blue "End Exam" button when you are ready to exit the exam and view your results. If you would like to return to the test, click the "Cancel" button.

Warning: Exiting the exam will end the exam and submit your score to the grade book. You will not be able to continue where you left off.

Info: Your instructor may have turned on the ability to pause your exam and continue at a later time. Exams are always saved, but some allow you to return and finish, while others require you finish the exam in one sitting. An Exam that allows you to return later will offer you the ability to pause and exit when clicking the Exit Exam button.

3. ⚙️Exam options

The exam options are displayed to the right of the instructions while taking an exam. While you are taking an exam you can change the options to best suit your needs.

  • Font Size: Change the size of the font in the instructions so that the words are easier to read.

  • Exam Timer: This option will always display. For timed exams, it will count down as you work so that you can pace yourself and keep track of how much time you are spending on each question. If you are not taking a timed exam, this section will display as "Not Timed".

  • Question List: The check list icon is where you can view all questions in the exam. This list will display the question's number, the question's text, whether or not the question has been completed, and the remaining attempts on that question. If you would like to view only the number of questions you got correct, incorrect, or have not yet answered, there are toggle boxes at the top of the question list that will allow you display only that type of question. If you would like to move a few questions ahead or revisit a question in the exam, select which one you want to view from the list, and then click the Load Question button.

  • Question Navigation: The left and right arrows allow you to move back and forth between the previous and next questions in the exam without having to view the Question List. Here you can also the find the question number and the total number of questions that are in the exam.

  • Attempts Given: At the bottom of the exam options box, your attempt number is displayed for that question so that you can keep track of how many times you have attempted that question in accordance with how many attempts you are allowed for that question.

Info: If your exam timer expires or the end date of the assignment passes your exam will automatically be ended and submitted to the grade book. All progress will be saved, but not attempted questions will be scored as incorrect.

Success: The Exam Timer will pulse when the timer nears zero. Be sure to get your final answer submitted prior to the timer running out.

4. ✔️Submit question pop-up modal

Once you have completed the required action for a question, the program will display a pop-up that indicates that you have submitted the question for grading. Click the OK button to continue to the next question in the exam.

Info: Depending on your instructors preference, this pop-up may also display feedback that tells you whether you answered the question correctly or incorrectly. Additionally, some instructors allow a hint to be provided if a question is incorrectly answered.

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