Digital Credentials

Earning and sharing Badges and Certificates with SIMnet.

What are Digital Credentials?

Digital Credentials are sharable badges and certificates that can signal instructors, classmates, and future employers to your mastery of Microsoft Office applications. There are a number of different types of credentials to earn in SIMnet. You can view the list of available Digital Credentials
here or view the application pathway collections

How do I earn Digital Credentials with SIMnet?

SIMnet provides two types of Digital Credentials: completion based Badges and achievement based Certificates.

1. Completion based Badges

Completion based Badges are earned in the
Library by completing all of the Let Me Try activities in an application set.
  • White Belt credentials are earned by completing all of the Office level content in a SIMbook. Students in introductory courses may be able to earn 4 White Belt credentials.
  • Purple Belt credentials are earned by completing all of the Advanced level content in a SIMbook. Students in advanced courses may be able to earn 4 Purple Belt credentials.
Note: Your instructor can change the required activity from the Let Me Try to the Show Me or Guide Me. Typically this would only be done if you have specific accessibility requirements. Please visit the
Student Accessibility Guide for details.
The Library view of Completion based Badges

2. Achievement based Certificates

Achievement based Certificates are earned by scoring a 90% or higher on Capstone
Projects and Credentialed
Note: Your instructor needs to assign credentialed Projects and Exams for you to earn the Yellow and Black belt credentials.
Note: Your instructor can increase the minimum score from the 90% minimum to earn a credential.
To earn a Yellow Belt, complete a Project attempt and score 90% or higher. Credentialed assignments contain a blue ribbon icon in the assignment list.
The assignment tile view.
Once you complete an assignment at the required score threshold, the assignment score will display with a ribbon icon and the page will have a Credential in the upper right corner of the assignment view. Visit the
Profile section for details on managing your Digital Credentials.
The earned credential view.

How do I receive an earned Digital Credential?

Once you complete the requirements to earn a Digital Credential SIMnet will issue your Badge or Certificate and send you an email with additional instructions on how to share and interact with your Digital Credential. You can also click the share icon in the Digital Credential in SIMnet to access your collection of Digital Credentials.
Note: If you complete the Digital Credential requirement in a Lesson or SIMpath Lesson assignmenet type you will need to manually claim the credential from the Library.

How do I share a Digital Credential?

Please view our video on how to access and share your SIMnet Digital Credential:
Using SIMnet Credentials