Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access types, first day access, and opting out.

Inclusive Access is an activation option your school or course can enroll in that provides first day access for all students where the cost of SIMnet is included as a course fee by your school.

🌄 Inclusive Access Types

SIMnet supports a variety of Inclusive Access activation methods. The specific method used by your school is selected by the unique needs of your course.

🆒 LMS Integration Activation (Code Pool)

Schools that integrate SIMnet with their Learning Management System (LMS) such as Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, or Moodle have an option to automatically activate student accounts when students complete the pairing process. For this method, your school has pre-determined the type of SIMnet license you need and SIMnet will automatically issue you a code from the "pool" of codes they purchased on students behalf. Please visit the 👉 Integrations section for details.

🎢 Import Process Activation

Schools that don't integrate SIMnet with their Learning Management System (LMS) still have the option to use Inclusive Access. For this method, your instructor will create your SIMnet account for you and have it activated from the "pool" of codes they purchased on your behalf.

🎯 Class Level Activation

Schools that have a variety of different classes available in the same SIMnet URL may require a class level activations for Inclusive Access. For this method, a license will be applied to your SIMnet account based on your enrolled classes. This option takes about 15-minutes to complete after enrolling in SIMnet. While you wait, feel free to use Courtesy Access while you wait for your access to be automatically applied to your SIMnet account.

📤 How do I opt out?

You may opt out of Inclusive Access either in your Learning Management System (LMS) or directly with your school. Once you opt-out of SIMnet you will have to either enter a valid registration code or 👉 Purchase Online as the activation your school purchased on your behalf will be revoked.

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