Support Guidelines

Guidelines on how to best request SIMnet help from McGraw Hill

πŸ—ΊοΈ Contacting McGraw Hill Support Guide

  1. Success begins on the first day of class with SIMnet. Follow these fundamental steps.

    • Step 1: Make sure you know your School Specific URL for the course. (The account URL (Web address) always begins with https:// and ends with If you don't have this information, please ask your instructor.

    • Step 2: Run a Systems Requirements Check. On πŸ‘‰ The Home Page, scroll down approximately 3/4 of the way down the page, look for the header Help & Support, click on Systems Requirements Check to ensure your system meets the requirements and you are ready for an optimal experience.

    • Step 3: If you experience any difficulties contact McGraw Hill Tech Support first. On the same opening log-in screen, approximately 3/4 of the way down the page, look for the header Help & Support, click on Technical Support. Review the hours of operation and contact details in the πŸ‘‰ Getting Support section.

  2. Tips for Communicating with MH Technical Support.

    • Step 1: Be prepared to answer these common questions in advance. Browser used and version: Edge_____ Firefox_____ Chrome_____ Safari _____ Connectivity: Wi-Fi wireless_____ hardwired desktop_____ MS Office: 2019_____ 2016_____ Other_____ Course/Section: ____________________ (example: CIS 110 D1) Assignment: ________________________ (example: Excel Project 2-5)

    • Step 2: Call first if during the outlined Tech Support Hours, if after hours use email. Note: Hours are Central Standard Time. By calling Tech Support first they can ask you the appropriate questions to resolve your issues faster. Typically with IT issues, it is important for the help desk to have key diagnostic answers about what kind of machine you are using referenced above. In any email communication, clearly outline the problem as thoroughly as possible. Great tip: Capture a screen shot of what you are experiencing and include it.

    • Step 3: Obtain a CXG (Customer Experience Group) case number for your reported issue (s). This case number documents the situation and allows McGraw Hill to track the issue and work toward a resolution.

  3. Communicate a Positive Attitude and Tone. We recognize you may be frustrated but keep the communication professional. Don't take your stress out on Tech Support by being arrogant or aggressive with your concerns. As the sayings go, "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!"

  4. Be Responsive: If further information is requested from Tech support, respond immediately. Your case cannot move forward without this information and this will minimize delays in resolving your issue.

  5. Listen Closely and Take Good Notes: Be more than a good listener be an awesome one to show interest in what Tech Support is saying. No one likes communicating with someone who does not listen. Listening involves paying close attention to what the other person is saying, and taking notes to ensure understanding. Always ask these three questions:

    • Who am I speaking with?

    • Reiterate your understanding of next steps to resolve your issue so everyone is on the same page

    • What is my CXG (Customer Experience Group) case number so I can track the status of my issue?

  6. Feedback: You have a business professional relationship with Tech Support. Did Tech Support help you - if not why not - did you receive the support you needed evaluate the communication. Did you provide accurate details or enough information explaining what you need? If Tech Support provided outstanding customer service let them know. A simple "Thank You" will be remembered and is appreciated. It's easy to complain and it's just as easy to compliment.

  7. When to escalate a problem to the instructor? If and only if, Tech Support is unable to assist you, please share your CXG case # with your instructor. Your instructor may or may not be aware of a larger issue occurring but it is important to let them know about your attempts and progress at a solution. This allows for greater communication and faster resolution to your case.

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