Resetting Your Password

How to reset your SIMnet password if you are having trouble logging in
If there is an issue with your credentials when you log in, you will get a notification in red that there was a problem with your Username or Password. Make sure you entered your Username correctly. Then review your password by clicking the eye icon if you are comfortable displaying your password in your current location.
To recover your password, click the Forgot my password link on the sign-in page.
The login issue message
You can recover your password using your Username, Email or Student ID. Click the drop-down arrow next to in the text box with Username and select the desired option. Any selection will work, depending on what information you have access to. Enter your account information. Here, HelpStudent remembered their Username and entered it successfully.
The Account Recovery and Password Reset page
Once you have successfully entered your information, check the email address associated with your SIMnet account to find an email from SIMnet Account Services with the subject line [SIMnet] Username and password recovery.
Successful Account Recovery and Password Reset nofication
Click the Reset Password button to reset your password. This email can only be used for 24 hours and can only be used once. If you have to recover your password again, you will need to restart this process.
The Password
Enter your new password in the New Password text box. Your new password must be 8 characters long and contain at least a letter and a number. Enter the same password again in the Confirm Password text box. Click the Change Password button.
The New Password page
Once you have successfully added the same password twice you will get a confirmation that you have updated your password. Click the Return to the Sign In page link to return to your school's sign in page and enter your account information.
The Password has been reset confirmation