Opening, viewing, and completing SIMbook assignments

The SIMbook assignment view allows you to open the SIMbook and view your progress.

Assignment Details

1. 📖 Chapter title

The title of the SIMbook chapter appears at the top of the SIMbook assignment view.

2. 📚 Course name

The name of the course in which you are currently enrolled appears directly below the chapter title. If you are enrolled in more than one course, be sure the correct name appears.

Info: You may see Personal Assignment? Yes above your course name. This means your instructor has created an assignment that is only available to you. This may have been to provide you with an extension or a replacement assignment.

3. 📆 Start date, due date, and end date

If you instructor has enabled a start date, due date, and/or end date for your assignment, it will appear in the top right corner of the SIMbook assignment view.

Opening the SIMbook

4. 📗 Open the SIMbook

The Open SIMbook button will appear at the top of the view and opens the SIMbook from the beginning. Visit the 👉 Exploring SIMbooks & Lessons section for more details on completing SIMbook assignments.

5. đŸ›Ģ Open a specific task

A specific task can be opened by clicking the task title and the SIMbook will open directly to that task.

Viewing Progress

6. ℹī¸ More details

More detailed information about each task can be found by clicking the View task details button. The dialog that appears indicates the type of each task and if it has been completed. If a task has been completed, the date and time of completion is also included.

7. â—ģī¸ Incomplete task

An empty checkbox appears in the Completed column for all tasks that have not been completed in the SIMbook.

8. ✅ Completed task

A green check mark appears in the Completed column for all tasks that have been completed in the SIMbook. A progress meter also provides an overview of the percent complete.

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