Performing a Traceroute

Capturing a traceroute to troubleshoot Internet connectivity issues.

When some users experience network issues with SIMnet the problem may to do with their Internet connection to SIMnet. Diagnosing this issue requires our support team to see exactly how your computer is accessing SIMnet and how long each step is taking. To do that, we use a traceroute. It simply determines the route your computer is taking to access SIMnet and how long each step along the way is taking.

Note: SIMnet runs on a private Internet connection to bypass the public Internet. If you're experiencing a connectivity issue with SIMnet and other websites work, it may have to do with the Internet route your computer is using. The traceroute helps us determine where an issue may be.

Note: A "hop" or "step" in the traceroute that takes more than 100ms is considered non-optimal, steps over 200ms may be problematic.

  1. Open the Command Prompt by navigating to the Start Menu and viewing the Windows System folder and selecting Command Prompt.

  2. Type tracert where the "school" is replaced by your school's simnet URL. Press Enter.

  3. Copy and paste the result and send it to the Support Personnel helping you.

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