Viewing study materials, SIMbooks, and earning digital badges

The Library contains a collection of SIMbooks associated with your license and Custom Lessons you have created from other assignments.

Warning: Exercises completed in the Library section will not be graded; to receive a grade you must complete materials in the Assignments tab. Your instructor cannot view completed exercises in the Library section.

Viewing the Library

1. 👩‍🎓 Study Materials

Click the Study Materials link to view the Custom Lessons you have previously created. Visit the 👉 Custom Lessons section to learn more.

2. 📚 Bookshelf view

The Library section displays a collection of books associated with your license. Click any book cover to open the SIMbook and complete exercises.

3. 🥇 Badges

The badge icon will appear for SIMbooks that allow you to earn a credential. Visit the 👉 Digital Credentials section to learn more.

Working in the Library

Once selecting a Library book to view, you can navigate different sections of the SIMbook, search, and earn digital credentials.

Use SIMsearch to search for content in the current SIMbook. When you click the Search tab under the book title, a text box will appear. Type your search criteria in the box and click Go to display all pages pertaining to your search.

2. 🧭 Navigating Sections

You can easily switch between sections in the SIMbook by expanding the Choose a section: drop-down list under the Book tab. Select a section from the list to display the contents of the section.

📓 Note: Not all SIMbooks will be divided into sections. If you do not see the Choose a section: drop-down list, it just means that all sections of the SIMbook you're working in are already displayed.

3. 🥇 Earning Badges

Many SIMbooks offer the ability to earn a digital badge for completing all exercises in the section. When a digital badge is available for a book section, a progress meter and digital badge is displayed on screen. Once you've completed 100% of the exercises in the section a digital badge will automatically be issued and emailed to the email address in your student profile. Visit the 👉 Digital Credentials section to learn more.

Viewing chapters

1. 📦 Chapter Resources

Included with each SIMbook chapter are the various resource files that are necessary to complete the chapter exercises. These vary depending on which SIMbook you are using but can contain Project data files, Let Me Try files, Pause & Practice files, and Show Me transcripts. Click the Resources tab to display the list of available files for the chapter.

2. 🚀 Viewing Pages & Launching the SIMbook

Click the Launch button in the upper right corner of the screen to open the SIMbook chapter from the beginning. You can also click on a page title to open the SIMbook directly to that page.

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