Remote Desktop

What is Remote Desktop and how can I use it with SIMnet?

🖥️ What is Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop is available in the Windows Operating System that allows a user to remotely access another computer through the Internet. People can interact with the remote computer as if they were really there. Some of the benefits of using remote desktop are:

  • Access the computer from anywhere.

  • Use Windows from a Mac computer.

  • Demonstrate how to use a software application.

📓 Instructions on how to use Remote Desktop Connection

  • When you are at home you will need to have a VPN connection to your University or College in order to connect to your home system.

  • Once you login with the VPN client your home computer will become part of the campus network.

  • You will need your PC computer name or IP address in order to connect to your home pc.

Once you are ready to remotely connect to your Home Windows machine you can follow the instructions below:

Assuming the computer you are using is running Windows 10:

  1. Click on the Start button >> Scroll down the Programs list to Windows Accessories >> Remote Desktop Connection.

  2. Enter the provided computer IP as the Computer (this is your office computer’s full computer name e.g.

  3. Click on "Show Options" in the lower left hand corner and enter your username as or yourschooldomain\username.

  4. Click on Save and then click on the Connect button.

If you are using a Mac with macOS Catalina:

  1. Open the App Store

  2. Make sure you are signed in to the App Store with your Apple ID

  3. In the Search box, type Microsoft Remote Desktop and click enter to begin the search

  4. Click “Get” next to the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 search result

  5. Click “Install”

  6. Microsoft Remote Desktop App will now appear in Applications

  7. Click on Microsoft Remote Desktop to open the App

  8. Click through any prompts until the Microsoft Remote Desktop App opens in its own window

  9. Click “Add PC”

  10. Enter the provided computer name in the “PC name:” text field (this is your office computer’s full computer name e.g.

  11. Enter a “Friendly name:” in the corresponding text field (e.g. Office Computer at Work)

  12. There are options you can choose to customize your remote experience. Please consult with your local IT representative before making any custom changes.

  13. Click Add

  14. Your remote connection is now permanently added to the Microsoft Remote Desktop display window.

  15. Click on remote connection you just created (e.g. Office Computer at Work)

  16. Enter your University or College username and password to login.

  17. Click Continue

  18. Click Continue to the certificate prompt (possibly twice)

  19. You are now logged onto your work computer

Once your computer is remotely connected using remote desktop you should be able to complete all of the SIMnet Assignments.

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