Custom Lessons

Creating and opening custom lessons created from an exam.

A Custom Lesson is created based on the questions you answered incorrectly in an exam and can be useful for practicing the skills that you find more challenging. You can create as many Custom Lessons as you need and they are always available to use as study guides for upcoming tests or to use for review.

Creating a Custom Lesson

1. Create a Lesson from your exam results

Once you have completed an exam, the Create Custom Lesson button will appear near the top of the exam results screen. When you select it, SIMnet will automatically build related lesson content for all of the questions you answered incorrectly and create a new Custom Lesson. Simply click the button, enter a name for the Custom Lesson, and click the Create Custom Lesson.

Info: The Create Custom Lesson feature may not be available for your exam. This feature needs to be enabled by your instructor.

Taking a Custom Lesson

Custom Lessons can be found in the Study Materials section of the Library.

1. 📖 Original Exam title

The Created From column shows the exam title from which the Custom Lesson was created.

2. 📄 Custom Lesson title

The Title column lists all of the Custom Lessons you have created. Click a Lesson title to go to the results screen.

3. 🚀 Open the Lesson

Click the rocket to open the Custom Lesson.

Info: You can also launch a Custom Lesson directly from the Exam Results screen.

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