Lab Optimization Guide

Lab optimization and best practices guide.

SIMnet content was developed with HTML5 and has broad support for modern browsers, operating systems and screens of varying sizes. SIMnet has been successfully used at hundreds of schools with little to no configuration required. However, we understand that many school networks and IT teams service a lot of users with varying requirements. Below you will find specific details on how to prepare your school labs and network for a successful SIMnet semester.

Bandwidth Requirements

The SIMnet bandwidth requirements vary depending on the content included in your exam, lesson, or SIMbook. For example, an exam containing only Excel content will require an upfront download of around 2MB, but an exam containing Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word will require a download of about 8MB. So, the amount of required bandwidth is based strictly on the number of applications included within the exam or lesson, not the total number of questions or tasks. For example, a 200 question Excel exam will require a much smaller download than a 5 question exam including questions from Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint. All exams are pre-loaded prior to the student starting the exam. Pre-loading the exam up front allows the student to have a consistent trouble free in-exam experience.

Minimum System Requirements

  • 1GB RAM is required, 2GB+ is recommended

  • 4+ GB is recommended for assignments with multiple modules

  • 1Ghz+ processor.

  • Avoid Celeron proccessors where possible.

Network and Firewall Configuration

  • Raise the network priority for all traffic to/from: *

  • White list and

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