Assignment Integration

LTIA Assignment Integration Management and Deep Links

🔗 Integrate & Deploy Assignments

Deploying Assignments

The first time visiting the Course Integration page, no assignments will be selected. Select the check box next to the desired assignments or groups to prepare the assignments for integration to your LMS. You can click the Class Home check box to automatically select all assignments in the course. Click the Confirm changes button to prepare the selected assignments for syncing to your LMS. If you would not like to make changes to your course, click the Reset changes button to return your page to the state it was in at the last LMS sync.

Note: The Refresh assignment data option is useful if you've modified course assignments in another browser.

Once you have confirmed changes, you will then see a Confirmation of the changes you will be making to your LMS. On your first viewing, you will only be linking assignments that you have selected. These assignments will all appear in the To Be Linked section of the page. Click the Deploy to LMS button to deploy the assignments to your LMS.

If you would not like to deploy changes to your LMS at this point, click the <- next to the Confirmation header to return to the previous page.

You will then get a confirmation window describing the changes occurring and that those changes are being deployed.

Note: This window with automatically close when the assignments have been deployed to the LMS.

After the assignment has been successfully deployed you can categorize or group the assignments with the standard LMS controls. Some Learning Management Systems may require you to publish or activate the assignment prior to making the assignment available to students or accepting grades from SIMnet.


Once you have made the deployed assignments from SIMnet, you will need to publish the Modulell and assignments in Canvas. To publish assignments in your Canvas course, click the Publish circle with a slash icon. You can deploy all assignments at once by clicking the top Publish icon or deploy each assignment in the module individually.

The SIMnet assignments are now deployed in your SIMnet course.

Removing Deployed Assignments

To remove deployed assignments visit the Course Integrate page and select or deselect assignments from your SIMnet course.

Click the Refresh Assignment Data button if you have made changes to the Edit/Assign page or the Organize page while viewing the Integrate coversheet. Those changes will be displayed below. Selecting additional assignments to integrate will cause them to be displayed in the To Be Linked section. Deselecting paired assignments will cause them to be displayed in the To Be Unlinked section. Unlinked assignments will have their grades removed from the Canvas gradebook. The Unchanged section is collapsed by default. Clicking the left arrow will expand the section and show unchanged assignments.

Warning: Removing a deployed assignment will also delete the LMS assignment and grading column.

Note: Your LMS has to have the REST integration endpoints setup for SIMnet to automatically remove LMS assignments and grades.

Note: Moodle doesn't support this feature.

👁️Viewing Linked Assignments

Select the SIMnet assignment in your LMS to view and modify assignment policies of a deployed assignment.

Note: Updating the SIMnet assignment title, dates, and/or gradebook points will automatically update the LMS accordingly.

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