Organizing and sorting your class or section into groups.

Organizing Classes

The Organizer is used to create new groups and organize assignments into groups. To change settings for an assignment or group, select it, and the settings panel will appear on the right. To specify the order within a group, set Sort by for the group to "Custom Order" and drag and drop the assignments and groups.

You can change the settings for an assignment or group by selecting it and the settings panel will appear to the right of the screen. The Class Home button and the Class Settings button allow you to toggle back and forth between adjusting group settings and class settings.

With the Group settings, you can create new groups and organize assignments into groups. You can sort assignments alphabetically by title, numerically by due date, start date, and end date, or your own custom order.

The Class settings button allows you to view the class title and section title, edit the class availability dates, the display type, the assignment status, the date restrictions, how to sort the class, and whether students are able to see unavailable assignments.

If the assignments for your class have not yet been organized, you can organize them by title, due date, start date, end date, or your own customized order by toggling the class settings button. They then appear in this section in the order in which you have arranged them.

Info: Selecting a date sorting will display the date with the assignment title in the Organizer view only.

To organize your assignments into groups click and drag all desired assignments into the group. You can move multiple assignments or groups at the same time by clicking the related checkboxes of the desired items before clicking and dragging.

You can use these buttons to refresh your group or class data. If you have just made changes to the data, the changes may take a few minutes to be reflected on this page. You can also expand and collapse groups within your class to view individual assignments and the class as a whole. You have the option to make a new group and move already existing assignments into that group, or assign new assignments.

Editing Assignment Details

To edit assignment details such as the title, schedule, or preferences select a row in the organizer.

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