Class Copy

Copy a class to create a new class with the same assignments, gradebook columns, and settings.

Copying a class quickly copies all assignments and assigned instructors into a new class or section. To facilitate creating multiple sections with the same assignments, consider creating a class or section "master" to copy from.

To copy a class, you can navigate to the classes section and select Copy to Class from the Actions drop-down menu.

Note: We recommend shifting all assignment dates to their final date before enrolling students. If a course has assignments that are past their Due Date when students are first assigned to the course, the students will receive a 0 in the gradebook. Once you update the Due Date these zeroes won't effect the student but it can cause students to stress about their grade.

Copied Class Details

1. 🗂️ Class title

When copying a class, SIMnet provides a class and section title for you. You can accept these titles or you have the ability to choose a new title, preferably one that has a connection to the content being covered in the class.

Success: Use the exact same class title for all sections to enable reporting across all sections.

2. 📁 Section title

Section titles are used when there are multiple sections of your copied class, and you and your students need more specification as to which class section they are enrolled.

Info: The class and section title combination must be unique within your SIMnet URL.

3. 🏫 Campus

This is the campus on which your copied class or classes will be offered. It is automatically set to a default campus.

4. Default module

You can set a default module for your copied class that will be assigned to students when registering with a single application registration code.

5. 📋 Class availability

You can set the dates between which your copied class will be available, for example the start date may be the beginning of the semester and the end date may be the end of the semester. You can also set the time of day you want your class to open and close.

Info: The class start date is required. We recommend setting these dates when possible. This helps the SIMnet system determine when classes are active.

6. 🔐 Restricted enrollment

You can restrict the enrollment of students into your class by checking this box, so that no student can self-enroll in the class before the start date or after the end date. You can also leave this unchecked if you wish your students to be enrolled before the start of the class.

7. 🔏 Restricted assignment views

For students that are enrolled prior to the start date, you can restrict their ability to view the assignments, or you can allow them to be able to begin working on the assignments by keeping the box unchecked.

Scheduling the Copied Class

8. 📆 Replace Dates

In the Scheduling section you can elect to replace the dates of the assignments in the new class. Deselect the Replace dates in new Class check box if you do not wish to replace the dates in the new section or class. You can update assignment dates in the following two ways.

9. ⏱️ Enable Schedule by Dates

If you would like to schedule start dates, end dates, and due dates for the assignments in the new section or class, you can do so by clicking the Enable Schedule by Dates check box. This toggles all of the learning objects you have included in the new class.

10. 🗓️ Shift Schedule

All assignments that have dates enabled will be updated by the selected number of days in the new class. Dates can be updated to either plus or minus 2 years from the original date (+/- 730 days). Enabling the Shift Schedule by Number of Days check box toggles a different page where you can select the updated number of days for assignments, the earliest start date for an assignment in the original class, and the updated earliest start date for an assignment in the copied class.

11. 📅 Apply Updated Dates

If you have selected the Enable Schedule by Dates checkbox, you can select to which learning objects you would like to apply the new dates and times by selecting their associated checkboxes. The selected learning objects will display in a grid where you can change the dates and times accordingly.

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