Instructor & Course Pairing

Pair your LMS course with your SIMnet Instructor or Administrator account for MH Campus Deep Integrations.

Instructor, Administrator Course Pairing for MH Campus Deep

Registering for SIMnet directly from your school's Learning Management System (LMS) is simple one time process.

📓 Note: These steps only need to be completed once to setup the connection between your LMS account and your new SIMnet account. Further logins from your LMS will go directly to SIMnet.

Locate and click on the McGraw Hill Campus link, SIMnet assignment, or SIMnet link in your LMS to start the process.


1. Log into your Canvas account and navigate to your Canvas course.

2. Locate the McGraw Hill SIMnet link in the left navigation menu and continue to step 4. If the link is not available continue to step 3.

3. In your Canvas course click on the Settings (A) option in the left navigation menu, click on the Navigation (B) tab, select the McGraw Hill SIMnet (C) item and drag it into the appropriate location within the list of navigation items, and click Save (D).

4. Click on the McGraw Hill SIMnet link in the left navigation menu.

3. Click on the Authorize button.

☑️ 2. Verify your schools SIMnet URL

The URL subdomain is prepoplulated with the most common URL associated with your schools LMS identifier. Some schools may have multiple SIMnet URLs, so please confirm or correct the SIMnet URL where your class is taught.

♻️ 3. Create a new account or sign in with an existing account

You will be prompted to either create a new SIMnet account or sign in with an existing SIMnet account. Depending on your school's setup, some fields may need to be input to complete the registration. Click Create Account or Sign In to complete the pairing process.

Note: You can only pair your LMS account to a single SIMnet account. So, if you have both a SIMnet Administrator and Full Instructor account we recommend pairing to your SIMnet Full Instructor account. To login with your Administrator account you can still login direct to your schools SIMnet URL.

Note: The create new account option will create a SIMnet Full Instructor role type.

🏫 4. If your course hasn't been paired yet, you may be prompted to complete the course pairing process below.

Select your SIMnet class below or create an existing SIMnet class.

🎆 5. You have completed the 1-time pairing process. Click Continue to SIMnet.

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