Auto Copy Pair + Relink (ACP)

Automatically copy, pair, and relink courses based on a SIMnet template course.

Auto, copy, pair, and relink (ACP) is a learning management system (LMS) integration technology that supports the automatic provisioning and deployment of classes in SIMnet based on a pre-configured template course. ACP is available for all Canvas, Desire2Learn, and Blackboard assignment level integrations through McGraw Hill Campus.

Success: For ACP to relink your assignments the LMS course must be copied or duplicated from another LMS course containig SIMnet assignment links.

🆕 1. Build your Template course in the LMS

The first step in preparing to use the ACP feature is to create your LMS course template. The template course should not contain any students and may contain non-SIMnet assignments. The template course title will be used when automatically creating course copies in SIMnet.

🔗2. Pair with SIMnet

Hint: You may either create a new SIMnet course and add assignments to after the pairing process or pair with an existing SIMnet course during the pairing process.

Hint: The pairing process will automatically close student self-registration, keep this setting as is to prevent accidental enrollment into the course template.

From the 👉 Instructor LMS Launch Point open SIMnet to begin the 👉 Instructor & Course Pairing process. Once you complete the pairing process your LMS course will be linked to your SIMnet course.

📝3. Integrate SIMnet Assignments

From the 👉Instructor LMS Launch Point open SIMnet to and select Integrate to complete 👉Assignment Integration.

Hint: After integrating your SIMnet assignments you may now organize the assignments in the LMS course.

☑️ 4. Enable the LTIA ACP Template option in SIMnet

To activate the ACP process when copying the LMS template course the paired SIMnet course will need to be designated as an LTIA ACP Template Course. This setting can be modified in two areas in the SIMnet Course Manager.


From the 👉 Course Integration Home select the Edit/Assign option and click the Edit button. In the dialog box, enable the LTIA ACP Template option and click Save Details.

🖨️ 5. Copy the LMS Template Course and Launch SIMnet

Copy the LMS Template Course and open the newly created LMS course to access SIMnet through the 👉 Instructor LMS Launch Point. Once opened, this initiates the Auto Copy Pair plus Relink process. The process will automatically copy the SIMnet course you enabled as an LTIA ACP Template, pair the assignments, and fix the LMS assignment links.

Hint: When copying courses in SIMnet with ACP the course titles will be set automatically:

  • Course Title will be set to match the related LTIA ACP Template course.

  • Course Section Title will be set to LMS Course Name witht the LMS Course Label in parentheses.

Hint: If the above course and section title combination isn't unique in SIMnet, you will be sent to the manual course pairing flow where you can manually enter the course and section title. You will have to select the template course to copy from.

Warning: If you don't enable the LTIA ACP Template option on the SIMnet course you will be prompted to pair with an existing course or create a new course using the Manual Copy Pair (MCP) workflow. However, assignment links will be relinked if possible.

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