Enhancements Guide

LTI Advantage LMS integration enhancements and changes guide
The new LTI Advantage LMS Integration available for McGraw Hill SIMnet includes enhancements that will make your course even easier to deliver. The following table outlines the changes between the LTI Legacy (v1.1) integration and the new LTI Advantage (v1.3) integration.
LTI Advantage
LTI Legacy
Assignment deep linking
Automatic grade sync
Manual grade resync
LMS side assignment/module orgainzation
Assignment relink push from SIMnet to LMS
Modern security framework - OAuth 2.0
Consistant implemenation across LMS types
Improved user account creation/pairing process
Streamlined section creation/pairing process
Failed grade sync notification
Whole gradebook resync
Multi-assignment resync by sync status
Deploy 0-point assignment without creating gradebook column in LMS
Automatic deletion of LMS assignment and gradebook column when undeploying assignment link.
Automatic relinking for copied/duplicated sections
Auto-copy-pair template course designation in SIMnet
Assignment relink pull from LMS to SIMnet
Non-assignment grade column sync
Instructor grade comment sync to LMS
Assignment end-date sent to LMS
SIMnet side assignment/module organization sent to LMS