Archive SIMpaths

How to archive a SIMpath

Archived SIMpaths will not display in any list or report within the Course Manager or Student Portal. The SIMpath will not be deleted but will appear in the Archived SIMpaths list under the Archive link in the SIMpaths section.

1. 🔗 Click Archive

Click the Archive link in the SIMpath section.

2. 🛣️ Select a SIMpath

Select the SIMpath you want to archive from the Active SIMpaths list.

3. ▶️ Click Add

Click the Add button to add the SIMpath to the Archived SIMpaths list.

4. 📑 Archived SIMpaths

To move a SIMpath back to the Active SIMpaths list, click the SIMpath name(s) in the Archived SIMpaths list, and then click the Remove button.

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