Digital Credentials

Digital Credentials are marks of attainment that students can take with them when they finish your course.

Digital Credentials are a mark of hard work and attained knowledge in SIMnet. Digital Credentials can be added to a student's resume or online footprint to demonstrate their skill in Microsoft Office applications. There are two types of credentials in SIMnet. Achievement Credentials mark the successful demonstration of skills. They require completing an Exam or Project assignment and gaining a high grade. Completion Credentials mark the disciplined review of course materials. They require completing each section of the student's textbook.

Digital Credentials are divided into belts, like those available to martial arts students. SIMnet offers a White Belt (L1), Yellow Belt (L2), Purple Belt (L3), and Black Belt (L4). These are ordered by difficulty with the Black Belt demonstrating peak achievement.

🥇 Achievement Credentials

There are two different Achievement Credentials available in SIMnet. The Yellow Belt is available to students who complete Level 3 Capstone Projects. Capstone Projects are created to provide students an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of a wide array of skills for each Microsoft Office application, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Black Belt credentials are awarded for completing a Black Belt Exam. Black Belt Exams test students’ mastery of each application. Each Black Belt Exam contains a random set of 60 questions that must be completed within 90 minutes with a score of 90% or higher to earn the Black Belt credential.

🏆 Completion Credentials

Completion credentials are based on completing each Let Me Try interactivity in a SIMbook. Students can now earn the White Belt credential for completing all of the Let Me Try questions for the introductory chapters, available in the Office level books. The Purple Belt credential is available for students who complete the advanced chapters of each application. For example, students can earn a White Belt for completing Skills Approach Word 2019 Chapters 1 through 5 and a Purple Belt for completing Chapters 6 through 9.

Students can earn progress toward a credential by completing assignments that require a Let Me Try interactivity, including Lessons, SIMpaths, and assigned SIMbooks as well as opening a book directly in the library. Students can complete either credential without the other.

🔛 Enabling Credentials

Administrators must opt-in to Digital Credentials. In the Settings menu on the left navigation, click the Options sub menu. Ensure the Enable Credentials: On radio button is selected.

Completion Credentials, earned for completing SIMbook materials, are automatically available. Achievement Credentials, earned for completing an Exam and Project assignment with high marks, must be assigned to students. Assigning Credentials works like assigning any other learning object.

The completion credential is set to require the Let Me Try by default. For students who do not use the Let Me Try, or may require other course adaptations, can complete the Show Me or Guide Me interactivities instead. Instructors can change this setting by editing a student’s information and changing the Library Credential Requirement.

Level 3 Capstone Projects can be assigned for the Yellow Belt credential. Those assignments have a Credential icon in the Exercise Title.

Black Belt exams have already been created and are available for all schools that have Digital Credentials enabled. You can filter for them by searching for "black". Each Black Belt exam has the credential icon in the Exam Title.

Credentialed assignments have an Assignment Preference, Credentials. When this is enabled the assignment can be used to earn a credential. The school can set the Threshold preference to be between 90% and 100%. This is the score required to earn the credential. Credentials cannot be set to a threshold lower than 90%.

📄 Viewing Your Student's Credentials

Earned SIMnet Credentials can be viewed either by Course or by Student. To view all of the credentials that students have achieved in your course, select the course in the Classes section on the left navigation. In the actions menu select either Class Report or Snapshot. On the top of the page, select the Credentials tab. Each credential will be listed in alphabetical order by student.

To see the credentials that a student has earned, either select the desired student from the Last Name, First Name column in the Course Snapshot; or select the student from the Students section on the left navigation and select the Credentials tab.

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