Archive Students

How to archive a student account

Archiving does not delete a student but removes them from the active roster of students. Archived students still have their accounts but are not assigned to any class or have access to class assignments. They no longer appear in the lists of active students found throughout the SIMnet Course Manager but may still log in to the student portal. Like other lists throughout SIMnet, you can sort the Archived Students list by clicking one of the headers (Student ID, Last Name, First Name) or filter the list.

Hint: Click the View Report button to view the Student Overview report of an archived student.

Click the Archive link in the Students section to archive a student.

Select Show My Classes to view classes assigned only to you, or Show All Classes to view all classes.

Click the student name in the Active Students list. You can select multiple students at once by holding down the Shift key and clicking (to select a block of contiguous names) or holding down the Ctrl key and clicking (to select noncontiguous names).

Click the Add button to add the student(s) to the Archived Students list.

To move a student back to the Active Students list, click the student(s) in the Archived Students list, and then click the Remove button.

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