Blackboard Assignment Deployment

Blackboard deep assignment deployment from SIMnet to Blackboard.

SIMnet Blackboard Deep Integration Instructor Assignment Deployment

👩‍💻 1. Log into your Blackboard account and navigate to your Blackboard course.

🖱️ 2. Click on Content (A) in the left navigation, Partner Content (B) in the top navigation, Content Market (C) in the list of items.

🏫 3. Click on Your SIMnet Course Content.

💧 4. The left-hand panel is the list of assignments in your SIMnet class. Click and drag-and-drop the assignments on the left panel into the root on the right-hand panel. You can drag as many assignments as you want over to the right-hand panel.

💚 5. When you are ready to deploy the assignments that you have dragged over to the right-hand panel, click the green Finish Deploy to Blackboard button.

🆗 6. Click the Confirm button.

📂 7. Select the Destination Folder in Blackboard where you want to deploy the assignments to.

📔 8. Select the grading category for the assignments.

⏭️ 9. Click Submit.

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