Test Banks

How to create a new test bank and test bank questions

Creating a New Test Bank

A Test Bank is a group of custom objective based exam questions. Creating a Test Bank allows instructors to create their own questions or to copy and/or modify existing objective based questions. Navigate to the Exams section and click the Create link to begin creating a new test bank.

1. đŸĻ Select test bank

Expand the Type list and select Test Bank.

2.⌨ī¸ Type a title

Type a title for the Test Bank in the Title box.

3. 💾 Save and continue

Click Next to save the Test Bank and continue.

Creating Test Bank Questions

Instructors can create/edit their own Test Bank questions in addition to creating copies of existing questions. Test Banks can be shared with other instructors.

1. 🔗 Test Banks section

Navigate to the Exams page and click the Test Banks link.

2. 📝 Select Edit/Assign from the Actions menu

From the list of Test Banks, expand the Actions Menu for the Test Bank you want to create questions for and select Edit/Assign. (If there are no Test Banks listed you can create a new Test Bank through the Create page.)

3. 🆕 Click New

Click the New button in the Assigned Questions section.

4. ℹī¸ Enter question information

In the dialog box, choose which type of question to create and fill in all necessary information.

Expand the Question Type menu to choose the type of question:

True/False – Gives the student a choice between answering true or false.

Multiple Choice – Gives the student multiple answers to choose from.

Fill In – Allows the student to fill in his or her own answer.

5. 💾 Click Save

Click the Save button to add the new question to the Test Bank.

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