Textbook availablity by campus.


Assigning a textbook to a campus allows Administrators and Intructors to assign content from the textbook.

Note: Instructor SIMstudent and Student Courtesy Access users recieve the assigned textbooks in their Library.

1. Select Campus

Navigate to the Settings page of the Administration Section of SIMnet, and select the campus to which you would like to add a textbook.

Note: Textbooks are managed per campus. So, when editing a class the available textbooks we be based on the textbooks assigned to the campus the class belongs to.

2. Available Textbooks

The list of Available Textbooks contains all of the textbooks that have been made available for your campus.

3. Add or Remove Textbooks

From the Available Textbook list, select the ones you would like to add to the list, and click the Add button. If you would like to remove an already assigned textbook, click the Remove button.

4. Assigned Textbooks

The list of Assigned Textbooks controls which textbooks are available in the Test Banks lists, which books are available as a textbook filter when creating lessons and exams, and which lessons are available to students in the Study Materials section of the Library.

Success: Be sure to remove any unnecessary textbook to prevent content from being assigned outside the license your students may have.

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