Search for SIMpaths

Search for SIMpaths and view options in the Actions Menu

πŸ” Search for a SIMpath

When you click SIMpaths in the navigation menu, you can filter the list of SIMpaths by Locked, Pre-Test Scenario, Post-Test Scenario and Content.

Note: SIMpaths become Locked after a student has taken the SIMpath. Once the SIMpath is locked the content cannot be changed.

πŸ“‘ Actions Menu Options

Depending on the user’s role, the Actions Menu for the SIMpath may include:

πŸ‘€ Preview Pre-Test

Preview Pre-Test opens the pre-test in a new window. This feature makes it easier for instructors to preview exactly what students see without requiring the instructor to actually login as a student.

πŸ“– Preview Lesson

Preview Lesson opens the complete lesson in a new window.

πŸ“ Preview Post-Test

Preview Post-Test opens the complete post-test in a new window.

πŸ“Έ Snapshot

Snapshot shows the details of the SIMpath (including preferences and assignments) in a static window. This option is useful for instructors who do not have edit privileges for the SIMpath.

Print Snapshot prints the snapshot information.

✏️ Edit/Assign

Edit/Assign allows you to edit the SIMpath. Once the pre-test is locked, the lesson and post-test cannot be changed. The assignment details can always be changed. Only the SIMpath β€œowner” or the account Administrator can edit the exam. The Actions Menu is also available from the top of the Edit page.

Print Pre-Test allows you to print the list of questions in the Pre-Test.

πŸ–¨οΈ Print Post-Test

Print Post-Test allows you to print the list of questions in the Post-Test.

πŸ“’ View Report

View Report allows you to view the latest SIMpath results for your entire class directly from the Actions menu.

🧾 Copy to SIMpath

Copy to SIMpath copies the SIMpath to a new SIMpath. This option is available to the SIMpath β€œowner” only. If you want other instructors to be able to copy your materials, use Copy to Template instead.

πŸ“‹ Copy to Template

Copy to Template creates a new template based on the selected SIMpath. Any instructor who has rights to create SIMpaths from templates has access to the template (Full Instructor and Limited Instructors, but not Assistants).

❌ Delete

Delete erases the SIMpath, all assignments, and all results. Only the SIMpath β€œowner” or the account Administrator can delete the SIMpath.

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